Plant Uherské Hradiště

Collaboration with schools of all levels

What does this cooperation bring?

  • help students and parents in choosing a child's job
  • help students during their studies
  • raising the awareness of KYOCERA AVX Uherské Hradiště and strengthening the company's position in the region
  • achieving a skilled workforce for the company
  • maintaining employee expertise and linking theoretical training with practical requirements

What activities does this cooperation represent?

  • presentations on school exchanges and job fairs
  • seasonal work, internships, work experience
  • excursions to facilitate specialization choices
  • assignment of bachelor and diploma thesis topics
  • conducting bachelor and diploma theses

The premises of the new training room

In March 2023, a new training room was put into operation at the plant in Uherské Hradiště, which is intended for all-day training and training. The room can accommodate more than 25 people and is equipped with a projector, flip chart and 4 computers, there is also an adjoining kitchen with all accessories.

We cooperate with:

You can get the necessary information from Mrs. Nikola Klobásková, phone - 575 757 200, mobile phone 720 061 143 or e-mail -